Hunger Games Mark on Pop Culture Through Archery

28 Apr

One role of The Hunger Games in popular culture is the effect that it has on the interest of fans. Since the series has been adapted into a movie, it has influenced many people to want to become more like characters in the book. One character that fans are influenced by is the female archer heroine, Katniss. There has been an increase in the interest of archery since The Hunger Games movie has premiered. The Hunger Games has affected popular culture by increasing interest in archery.

One way The Hunger Games has increased interest in archery is by increasing sales in archery equipment. After seeing the movie, many fans have gone and purchased bows and arrows. One salesman for an outdoors shop has remarked that sales for bows and arrows have tripled. Many children are definitely influenced by Katniss in the film because the role of archery in The Hunger Games has made archery a ‘cool’ sport. To satisfy their children, many parents are buying their children bows so that they can start learning how to become archers. The Hunger Games is changing pop culture by increasing interest in archery equipment.

Another way The Hunger Games has affected interest in archery is that interest in archery classes has suddenly increased. Some kids will go out after watching the movie and sign up for classes in archery in the same day. In addition, the fans that have went and bought archery equipment will sign up to classes to learn how to become better archers. The Hunger Games affecting our culture by directly increasing interest in archery classes.

Even people who are not fans of the series are affected by The Hunger Games fans’ interest in archery. In the fans’ rush to start trying out archery, archery ranges and youth clubs are starting to add classes for younger kids. Sales of archery equipment are going up and participation in archery classes are going up, so business owners see that there is an opportunity to profit in this growing market. Even though the businesses have not been directly affected by the hunger games, the series’ affect on fans is indirectly encouraging businessmen to appeal to this new interest in archery. The Hunger Games has even affected society by affecting businesses that are not fans of the series to become interested in archery.

Most new big movies or series have very visible effects on fans. Right after watching or reading The Hunger Games, many fans get The Hunger Games ‘fever’. One way that this ‘fever’ is showing is in fans’ efforts to emulate Katniss from the books, they are picking up an interest in archery. The interest of fans in archery shows through the increased sales of archery equipment, increased interest in archery classes at youth clubs, and the youth clubs response by creating more archery classes. The Hunger Games is making its mark on our culture by increasing interest among its many fans.


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