The Hunger Games and Pop Culture

24 Apr

“Reflect on the other book and how your perception of pop culture has changed (or hasn’t) over the course of the class.”

After reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I felt as if I was apart of a pop culture movement. It was very interesting to see the popularity of The Hunger Games rise in a matter of weeks. It has become an international sensation with everyone dying to read the novel and buy his or her movie tickets. Reading such a heart-racing novel was exciting in itself, but actually watching the book come to life in film kept me on the edge of my seat. The Hunger Games is all the hype in current pop culture, and has its reason to be to. The adaptation of the novel to a movie brought everyone’s imagination of the plot to the big screen and was very well adapted. The Hunger Games has definitely made its mark in current day popular culture.

One of the main reasons there has been a huge craze over The Hunger Games is because the novel is very relatable. The novel is mainly directed towards young adults, but a reader of any age could probably enjoy the twisting and turning plot. Teenage girls fell in love with the novel because of the apparent love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. The fact hat Katniss is with Peeta for the majority of the story does not allow the reader to feel an emotional attachment towards Gale, but it can be noted when Katniss reevaluates her feelings towards Peeta. Another reason this novel has become popular is because of the moral dilemma presented. After sitting back and actually evaluating the story you realize how gruesome and gory the plot really is. The Hunger Games revolve around throwing 24 children from the ages 12-18 and having them fight until there is only one standing. Basically, it’s the survival of the fittest to the tenth degree. In addition to these reasons, The Hunger Games have become extremely popular because the fans can become emotionally attached to the characters since the novel and movie are so closely detailed.  With all of these reasons tied together one can easily see why The Hunger Games have become such a big deal.

After the novel began selling copies left and right the word about The Hunger Games was finally let out. Soon everyone became aware of the story and the feature film that was being released. This is how The Hunger Games became such a pop culture phenomenon. The Hunger Games is considered pop culture because we have an informal consensus as a society that it is a preferred addition to our culture. Another reason why The Hunger Games have gained such popularity is because mainstream media has advertised it. Whether it be commercials on television, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr some form of social media was buzzing bout The Hunger Games, Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. Basically, The Hunger Games is considered pop culture because it is something that our culture, that our population as a whole enjoys watching and reading.

Throughout the course of this semester I learned a lot of what it means for material to be considered pop culture, and as the semester progressed my views on pop culture have changed as a whole. At first, I came into this class thinking I was going to be exposed to the aspects of pop culture that I am already aware of. Such as Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Harry Potter, or Jersey Shore. Of course we did talk about all of this, but at the same time I was also exposed to new forms of popular culture such as Quicksilver, The Sandman, Assassin’s Creed, and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. This form of popular culture is something that I was not very much exposed to because they do not particularly fall into my group of interests. It was very interesting to delve into new genres of music and books and see the other side of the spectrum. Also, during this class I learned the difference between high culture and pop culture and what it takes to be considered both. Learning about and digging deep into popular culture was a very exciting experience.

With that being said, analyzing pop culture and The Hunger Games has opened my eyes to a different aspect of society today and made me realize and notice things I have never paid attention to before. It amazes me to notice how much pop culture affects our society and culture. Often times we do not realize how much we are influenced by the things that people around us are being involved with, but now I do especially after seeing how involved I was by reading and watching The Hunger Games.


Samiyah Malik


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