Culture War: Old vs. Young and Their Gadgets

2 Mar

Upon reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, I found an aspect in The Hunt to be very interesting that dealt with a Grandfather who was trying to tell a story to his granddaughter but she was too preoccupied by wanting to watch a television show instead. This situation is extremely appealing because it reminds me of today’s society now more than ever. Being a bit of a generalist, I think there seems as if there is a culture war going on between old and young people due to the technological impact we’ve had over the past decade and a half.

Too many times I have heard parents and grandparents say to kids, “Put your phone up and enjoy the company”. I lost count as to how many times my granddad said that at Christmas this past year. And just the other day I witnessed a mom yelling at her son to put his little Gameboy up while they were in the car? Sure it can be irritating sometimes trying to have a conversation with others when they’re multitasking on their little gadgets, but does the older generation really understand how addicting these things are? Perhaps some of it is due to the unfamiliarity our older generation has with the emerging technology. While the young population is playing on their smartphones, iPads, tablets, and iPods, older people are sweating on how to even turn them on or how to even pronounce the name.

Personally, I think the main reason grandparents and older parents get so agitated with children as they use their little gadgets is because the older people feel less needed. In recent years, children always engaged in conversation with their parents and grandparents asking about this, that, and the other in order to seek answers about certain things. Nowadays, we don’t see that as often because of all the involvement children have with the gadgets and the information it can provide to them. It is indeed upsetting to see the wisdom of the older people not be in as much effect anymore, but that’s reality. The society is evolving and being taken over with the new technology.

This can most definitely be considered somewhat of a culture war because of the drastic evolvement. Grandparents seemingly don’t like the direction these gadgets are heading us towards where children and young adults want more and more of them and hate to have to put them away when being asked to because of the heavy addiction. It’s the old versus the young and their gadgets. Game on!

As Neil Gaiman incorporated this scene of the grandfather and his granddaughter, it can easily be seen that he’s also agreeing that the younger people are very attached to their technology and the older generation aren’t appreciating it very much as they try to share some of their wisdom. Gaiman should place this on an even bigger stage to present this to the public because it is something that needs to be talked about before these emerging gadgets take over even more and possibly tear apart a family.


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