The Endless Memebers of the Endless Family

1 Mar

As I was reading Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman The Endless most specifically caught my attention. The Endless are a family of seven siblings who are each different in heir own way. Each sibling has a name beginning with the letter ‘D’ which I feel plays an important motif. The seven siblings are Dream, Destiny, Death, Destruction, Delirium, Desire, and Despair.  They are the characters that shape the book with each member holding a very important role in the story. The siblings all appear to represent their names very well in the way that they dress, act, and feel. Dream is the main character but each of his brothers and sisters has dynamic paths that they follow as the story progresses.

Each member of the family serves their own purpose in the plot. Some siblings play stronger roles than others, but together they support and compliment each other. Dream plays the main role as the overseer of the realm of dreams and imagination. In a way Dream serves as a personification of the stories and dreams presented in The Sandman. Throughout the story he takes up many names and appearances depending on who is seeing Dream at that moment in time. Dream usually appears as Morpheus. Morpheus looks pale with a dark blue hair color.  Unlike his brothers and sisters he is very concerned with fulfilling his duties. Later Dream is depicted as a heroic character, and as a young man named Daniel who is similar to Morpheus but completely different at the same time.

In addition to Dream’s major role in The Endless, the twins, Desire and Despair play significant roles in shaping the story. It is interesting how the two twins perfectly resemble their names. Desire is represented a beautiful, alluring woman, something a man would desire. While on the other hand Despair is depicted as a short, obese woman with ugly features such as crooked teeth and dark skin. Despair’s personality identifies with her name, as she is a dark, cold character. Desire may look sweet, but at the same time she is one the most conniving of The Endless. She enjoys meddling in Dream’s business, but at the same time she is very similar to her sister Despair. It is fascinating to see how the two twins are on opposite sides of the spectrum but very similar at the same time.

Likewise the other siblings of The Endless play their roles perfectly as well.  It is intriguing to see how each brother and sister is known by their name and its respective function. The remaining siblings of The Endless are Destiny, Death, Destruction and Delirium. Destiny is the oldest of The Endless, and I the most involved in his function and responsibilities.  Death is spunky and shows to have the best relationship with Dream. On the other hand, Destruction is a strong, hearty man who abandoned his responsibilities with The Endless, which caused a lot of drama, and conflict with his siblings. Lastly, Delirium is the youngest of The Endless. She is a young girl with two different colored eyes and her hair, clothes, and style changes constantly throughout the book. Together, the brothers and sisters complete The Endless family.

All in all, meeting the siblings of The Endless was very interesting as the plot progressed. I loved seeing each sibling take on his or her roles and responsibilities. It was nice to see how each brother and sister was completely different but in some shape or form he all complimented each other in a different way. This in a way can be compared to any other dysfunctional family. Everyone has their quirks, but at the end of the day they are all there for each other.


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