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27 Jan


“There are two kinds of evil people: people who do evil stuff and people who see evil stuff being done and don’t try to stop it.” –Janice Ian


The main idea of Mean Girls is blatantly said in this one quote, the idea of good versus evil. The good versus evil theme is a prominent theme that is seen over and over again in classic novels, poems, and other forms of literature. So why not have it shown again in a popular chick flick? The Mean Girls movie was adapted from the Rosalind Wiseman non-fiction book: Queen Bees and Wannabes, which explores how popularity and cliques affect self-image and personality. The movie is based on Cady’s journey of fitting into a public high school after years of homeschooling. Cady is introduced to various cliques and forms of hierarchy in public high school with “The Plastics” being the queen bees. The movie develops as Cady develops into being a Plastic and completely changing her personality.


Although many aspects in the movie are over done by Hollywood the movie still demonstrates how a real high school works. This is prime time of a teenager’s life. The golden years where an adolescent figures out who they really are. They explore their surroundings and their options, as they become adults. Many high school students begin to party at this age just as it was shown in Mean Girls. As Cady is introduced to her first high school party she is also exposed to alcohol, boys, and skimpy dresses for the first time. Many high school students believe that this is the way of life when in reality, lots of boys and girls live their lives without getting involved in that lifestyle. By watching Mean Girls it was evident that the fast life also had its downsides. Everyone faces being judged by someone else with rumors and gossip being spread like wild fire. It is interesting to see how the Plastics display their gossip by scrapbooking it into their “Burn Book”. The Burn Book is what caused the Plastics to fall, which shows that the good always prevails.



Of course an actual high school is not set up the same way as North Shore High School, but at the same time there are many similarities in the social structure of a typical American high school. Many teenage girls feel pressured the look, talk, and dress a certain way to imply be accepted or liked in by other girls. Often times this play with the self esteem of girls and can turn into an identity problem in the future. Mean Girls can be a form of inspiration to many teenage girls across the world. It sends out a message to simply be yourself. By analyzing Cady’s journey of being nobody to being somebody it is obvious that her wardrobe, hair, attitude, and her personality as a whole underwent an extreme makeover. Cady changed herself just to fit into a crowd that did not even like her in the first place and lost her true friends along the way, basically Cady became a “mean girl”. This proves that it is simply not worth it to be who someone else wants you to be, and many girls can learn from this and grow from it as well.


After Cady realizes the Plastics is not who she is and she really hurt the ones who loved her she turns around and returns to her normal lifestyle. She joins the mathletes, gets her best friends back, and gains more popularity in school just by being nice and being true to herself. Sometimes it is important to figure out who you really are without having someone down your back at all times just as how Regina was. Regina transformed Cady into a bitch that no one liked or looked up to. This shows how much a teenage girl’s personality can be manipulated by her peers just to fit in. After the Burn Book was discovered everything was revealed: The lies, the gossip, and the rumors. Students and teachers were both hurt and came to speak about their feelings at the assembly which was the point where Cady took the blame for the book which shows teenagers to be courageous and to stand up for what’s right.


Often times Mean Girls is undervalued as a work or art. There are many lessons to learn from this movie such as the good always prevails and to be yourself. It is very difficult for girls to understand both of these concepts. Mean Girls is an important factor in a teenage girl’s journey into becoming a woman. A girl should grow up to be a strong, independent woman, not a mean girl and this is what Mean Girls stands for.

Samiyah Malik


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